Our Tara Mandala Phoenix community is a co-arising of generosity and compassion that embodies the tradition of dana. Dana is understood in the Pali language as "spontaneous generosity of the heart" refers here to our personal offerings in support of the spiritual teachings. Historically, the teachings of the Buddha have been offered freely so that all can benefit equally and identified generosity, or sharing what we have, as one of the Six Paramitas, or Perfections, making it a central pillar of spiritual life. By supporting the teachings, the teacher and the place where the teachings are held, we accrue great positive merit on our mind-stream and as well as a positive karmic connection to the Dharma.

In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a concept of tendrel or “auspicious interdependence” which describes the special relationship that is formed between teachers and their students. Traditionally, after a transmission or teaching, in order to create good tendrel and to reflect appreciation for the preciousness of what they have received, offerings are made on the part of the student to the teacher. The teachers for our programs offer their time and teaching without pay. They are only financially compensated by what participants offer to them.

We have a recommended dana for meditations and teachings but please note that no one will be turned away for lack of funds. What is important is that you give generously in a heartfelt way and dedicate the merit to your own spiritual progression toward enlightenment and to genuine happiness and relief from suffering for all beings.